You aren't running a hedge fund, but you track your retirement like you do                                               Why income --not wealth should be your saving goal

                                        After earning a fortune in airline miles, I’ve figured out the economics of                                                exactly how to spend them

​                                              How spending your airline miles is a lot like retirement

                                        Sorry, Senator Warren’s plan won’t get Americans better financial advice

                                                                Why the Department of Labor's fiduciary standard won't improve financial advice


                                                          To fix America’s infrastructure, you’ll need to save its local economies                                                     first

                                                              How municipal pensions are holding back the infrastructure everyone wants

                                                            The year 2040 is looking very scary for the world’s richest countries

                                                            The magic age is 85, not 65


                                                            America is full of high-earning poor people

                                                            Even high earners are living pay-check to paycheck

My favorite topic to write about is the future of retirement. The state of personal saving and pensions poses many challenges for soon-to-be and future retirees all over the world. I draw on my background in academia and work in finance to explore solutions. I believe we can make modern retirement work; but we need more discussion, education, and creative solutions.  I also have a consulting business where I advise asset managers on future trends in retirement and help them come up with investment strategies that better serve working people who want a secure retirement.

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